IoT Solution Architecture And E-2-E IoT Network Visualization

Course Objective:

This course will be delivered in regular classroom and handled by highly seasoned professions working in similar field. This course is designed 75% on practical exercises and 25% is on understanding the theory. At the end of this course, the participants will be able to gain confidence to work on IoT solution.

Module I - IoT Fundamentals

  • To impart participants about the basics of RF spectrum, importance of ISM Band, RF system performance evaluation Wireless Networks (Data rate, latency, Eb/No,C/I, SNR etc.),and End to End IoT Network Architecture (Liner/point to point, point to multipoint, Star, Mesh, hybrid etc.), M2M network architecture  including OSI model etc.

Module II – Protocol convergence, Network Interface & Programming

  • To Impart Hands on Training on C, Arduino, Python, J2EE, NodeJS, web concepts along with IoT nodes programming (Wifi, Zigbee, LORA, Star, Mesh, Hybrid), Gateway Programming (Convergence of different protocols to TCP/IP), Cloud Interfaces development, UX development.
  • To impart participants about different network interfaces like North Bound Interface, South Bound, Interface, REST, Messaging services along with cloud computing, cloud architecture, cloud services and introduction to Openstack, IoT analytics, types of analytics tools and IoTsecurity aspects.

Module III – Cloud, Virtualization and E to E IoT Network Deployment

  • To impart hands on training on establishments of End to End IoT solution which includes collecting data from nodes, aggregating through gateway, cloud communication and data representation using few real time examples like smart home, smart campus, IIoT. Introduction to different cloud platforms like Google Clous, AWS, Azure, IBM Blumix and EtherSmart enterprises etc.

Course Duration:

Course ID





EtherSys IoT Bootcamp and Product Management. This course is designed for working professionals.


Value Addition:

1.    IoT architecture and RF system design

2.    Experimenting on real products

3.    Heterogenous network use-cases

4.    Experimenting or production grade gateways

5.    Execute examples using inhouse grown IoT platform and solution

6.    Execute analytics on real products.

7.    Experience on E-to-E network deployment scenarios.


Targeted Audience:

·         Developers

·         Technical Leads

·         Test Engineers

·         Architects

·         Product managers

·         Development managers

·         There is no limit for any enthusiastic audience


Note: Open to customize course contents on need basis.

Two days (16 hrs)



EtherSys IoT Bootcamp is designed for campus students and freshers.


Value Addition:

1.    IoT architecture and RF system design

2.    Programming introduction

3.    Experimenting on real products

4.    Heterogenous network use-cases

5.    Experimenting or production grade gateways

6.    Execute examples using inhouse grown IoT platform and solution

7.    Execute analytics on real products.

8.    Experience on E-to-E network deployment scenarios.

9.    IoT solutions and use-cases.

10.  Hackathon

Five days (40 hrs)

IoT Learning Kit - Smart Home Application

Learn and Live Smart with our IoT Learning Kit

What you can do with it?

IoT providing a major transformation in Businesses and Home, leading to thousands of jobs worldwide.
To develop the skills of young generation in the field of IoT we are introducing a IoT Learning Kit that helps in learning IoT concepts & implement Real Time IoT project by converting your home into a Smart Home.

IoT Learning Kit - Smart Home Application


  1. One Bulb Control
  2. Two Smart Socket
  3. Door Monitoring
  4. Smart Garden
  5. Heath Monitoring
  6. Temperature Monitoring


  1. Connecting different Sensors to node, gateway & Cloud.
  2. Four free channels to connect to any sensors & write codes.
  3. Reference codes available.
  4. Wifi and MQTT Concepts
    Explore different applications of IoT
  5. Exposure to Mobile app and Web browser to
    control, Monitor and Analysis Data


  1. Door, Temperature & Humidity, Soil and Gas
  2. DC Pump for Smart Garden
  3. Seven Channel Node Supporting Wifi and
  4. Five Yrs free access to Mobile & Browser app
  5. Two Smart Sockets
  6. Reference programs
  7. Code Flash
  8. Cables & Connectors