Solutions We Provide

ETHERSYS brings its long-standing expertise in cloud, edge computing and embedded systems for IoT-based and Enterprise grade to Industry, Smart City, Campus and Office deployments.


The Application Solution consists of Dashboards through which the Data graphs, Alarm Management, Gateway Management, Network Management and sensors and level specifier are displayed. Through Mobile App we provide Visual representation of data and the master data provides a valuable corporate asset which supports to quickly access data.


The Cloud Platform Powered by high performance cloud services which enables to deploy it anywhere(AWS, Google, Azure, any Data center). It’s an enterprise standard, based on militancy, data store in SQL and NoSQL, Message and REST services to communicate both NBI and SBI, Multi site, vendor, solution and services management. The collected data in the cloud is used for Deep learning and machine level analytics.

The cloud provides PaaS which makes web creation and mobile app design easier by having an inbuilt infrastructure of servers, networks, databases and storage that eliminates the need to constantly update them or manage them and SaaS helps the cloud provider and not the user is tasked with management and maintenance and all the user has to do to gain access is connected to the application over the internet with a web browser on his phone, tablet or PC. The SaaS is available over the internet on demand or on a subscription basis. The cloud also manages Node/Gateway registration.

  • Node/Gateway authentication/authorization
  • Node/Gateway configuration
  • Node/Gateway provisioning
  • Node/Gateway monitoring and diagnostics
  • Node/Gateway troubleshooting

The Edge is Powered by a high-performance DELL/INTEL architecture gateway, by which we enable Industry/Cities/Campus to develop smarter solutions for Industry end-to-end operations, power management, lighting, parking, buildings, utilities, healthcare, and governance. The Nodes support various connections like WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, LoRaWAN, Modbus Ethernet and 2/4G-LTE which are supported by many home grown nodes. EdgeX architecture provide end-to-end security, intelligent connectivity, exceptional performance, manageability, and a reliable road map – from the edge to the cloud – to help Industry/Cities/Campus become smarter, safer, and more value created.

Application Features
Solution Dashboard
Gateway Management
Network Management
Alarm Management
Sensor and Level Dashboard