Core Offerings

Industrial IoT 4.0

Industry 4.0 spans the entire ecosystem - sales, inventory, scheduling, quality, engineering, consumers and field maintenance. Flow of Information is constantly maintained enabling up-to-date production, processes and timely analytics

IIot ethersys

Building Management System

BMS automates the processes and Provides visibility and control over the work space via interaction between nodes and sensors which manages the ease of workflow.

Energy - Management System

EMS optimize the performance of the use of energy system. Enabling to be used in either small scale or large scale network.

Technology offerings

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a computing paradigm which brings computation and data storage closer.

Capture and Control

Ethersys enables you to access and control your IoT devices and maintain your bussiness.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides on-demand availability of computer system resources.

Industrial Security

Ethersys provides a revolutionary and advanced security systems protecting your data and industry

Our Solutions

We brings our long-standing expertise and provide the most advanced and efficient solution in cloud, edge computing and embedded systems for IoT-based and Enterprise grade to Industry, Smart City, Campus and Office deployments.

Our Products

Our solution comprises of various Products in Edge, Cloud and Application which serve in Industries and for Building Management system and Energy Management system.



We provide an IoT platform which connects devices seamlessly using SDN/NFV thereby enriching coustmers with a scalable and reliable solution.


Customized support to various use cases for industrial automation and building management system.

Data Analytics

Solution to large data by examining and drawing conclusion about the information they contain and data like use cases.

Cloud Computing

On demand we provide a public or a private cloud from major infrastructure providers like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Block Chain

Block chain for sophisticated recording and managing data in a distributed Network and security for complex smart cities, production industries.

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